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CASFAA Full Membership Mailing List (open to all members)

California Community College Mailing List
[email protected]

[email protected]

California Graduate and Professional Colleges and University Mailing List [email protected] Sender
California Independent Colleges and Universities Mailing List [email protected] Sender
California Proprietary Colleges Mailing List [email protected] Sender
California State University Mailing List [email protected] Sender
Ethnic Diversity Liaison Mailing List [email protected] Sender
University of California Mailing List [email protected] Sender


Reply Mode: If the reply mode is Sender, that means that replies sent to list messages will go to the original Sender of the message. If this is set to Entire List, replies sent to the list will go to all members.


Privacy: For the protection of the subscribers, some these lists are moderated - there may be a delay before posting.

List Members are strongly encouraged to have the latest virus protection running on their computer systems or networks. While precautions are taken to prevent the distribution of viruses to the list, occasionally one will pass through. When in doubt, do not open attachments.

Content: The listserv is intended to provide a forum for the discussion of all matters relating to the administration of student financial aid for California aid professionals and issues relating to CASFAA issues. Typical topics of discussion on this list may include automation within the financial aid community, the use of professional judgment, interpretation and impact of federal regulations, and institutional policies and procedures. Job vacancies or postings are not permitted on the listserv. Please use the JobsLink to submit these types of announcements.

Certain discussion items are not welcomed on this listserv. These topics include non-financial aid discussions or private business matters. If you are a parent or student, you will be better served by contacting an experienced financial aid administrator at your school.

For general and policy issues related to the listserv please use the Contact CASFAA form.

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