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Full Conference Program
Opening Session
Federal Update - Closing Session

Proprietary Workshop -

Public Policy Update
Tax Transcripts and Verification Requirements
Title IV Issues and Clock Hour
The Financial Aid Director – Master of Multitasking
Default Prevention:  A Proactive Approach to Managing your Cohort Default Rate (CDR)
Creating and Implementing a Successful Financial Literacy Program

A1 - Dream Act - Application and Eligibility
A2 - SAP: Does your Policy Make the Grade
A3 - Best Practices in Administering Scholarships
A4 - Shopping Sheet
A5 - One size doesn't fit all? Developing a Default Prevention Plan for YOUR school
A6 - Surviving SAP at Grad & Professional Schools
A7 - Communicating With Your Students Today
A8 - Professional Judgment
A9 - Financial Literacy and College Access: Understanding the Culture and Needs of the Latino Community
A10 - Financial Aid issues in a Competency-Based Education Model
AV1 - The College Board : Institutional Methodology – Putting the Puzzle Pieces Together
AV2 - ELM Resources: The Value Of A Private Lender List
AV3 - Financial Aid TV: Successful strategies for using online video as an outreach tool
AV4 - FedLoan Servicing - Public Service Loan Forgiveness
B1/2 - Verification
B3 - R2T4 - Programs of study taught in modules
B4 - Your Role in Preventing Fraud and Abuse
B5 - Cal Grant 101
B6 - Using NASFAA Tools
B7 - Appealing & Challenging Your Cohort Default Rate
B8 - Veterans Affairs - Reporting & Processing Tuition & Fees
B9 - Tailoring Financial Literacy for the Grad & Prof Student
B10 - When Antibiotics Stop Working – How Repayment Options are Like Medication (2)
B11 - A Day In The Life Of A Foster Youth Coordinator
BV1 - Academic Works, Inc.-Comprehensive Scholarship Management
BV2 - NelNet Loan Servicing (2)
BV3 - Regent 8 Financial Aid Management Solution-helping schools fully automate all enrollment models; Standard Term, Non-Term and BBAY, Self-Paced, and Competency Based.
C1/2 - Limiting Direct loan borrowing to 150% program length
C3 - 2014-2015 FAFSA and application processing system- Including Statement of Educational Purpose
C4 - Consumer Disclosure Requirements
C5 - Advanced Cal Grants
C6 - IBR/ICR and PAYE - What's the difference?
C7 - Veterans Affairs - VA Debts & TOP Program
C8 - Cost of Attendance for Graduate Students
C9 - Habits of Successful Financial Aid Professionals
C10 - How to Support Undocumented Students: Information, Resource & Best Practices
C11 - Third Party Outsourcing of Financial Aid - Does it make sense for me?
CV1 - BlackboardPay: A Smart Choice for Your Disbursement Services
CV2 - Wells Fargo Education Financial Services-Helping Students Succeed Financially
CV3 - TG: Default Aversion: Aligning Best Practices and Metrics for Success
D1/2 - Verification
D3 - Pell Duration of Eligibility Limitation
D4 - Top 10 Audit Review Findings
D5 - How to find answers for your regulatory issues
D6 - Helping Students Understand The Big Picture:  Short & Long Term Impacts of Borrowing Choices
D7 - Veterans Affairs - Counseling Vets
D8 - Strategic Approaches to Student Loan Repayment (2)
D9 - Hiring, Evaluating & Coaching Employees
D10 - How to Conduct an Effective High School Night (2)
D11 - Economic Principles & Need Analysis Policies
DV1 - CMD Outsourcing: Call Center Outsourcing, is it for you? How it works and how to evaluate vendors
DV2 - Great Lakes-Default Prevention Tools, Tips & Available Resources
DV3 - USA Funds- Default Prevention: Early Contact is Key
E1/2 - Limiting Direct loan borrowing to 150% program length
E3 - Working with the Eligible Non-Citizen: Citizenship Documentation and Beyond
E4 - Using Technology to Streamline Customer Service and Enhance the Student Experience (2)
E5 - Loan Servicing Update - how to I work in a world of multiple servicers - Keys to success
E6 - Grad Professional Counseling Dilemmas: Federal vs. Private Loans (2)
E7 - Veterans Affairs Update
E8 - Creating Change in Financial Aid Legislation
E9 - I Can Afford College! Financial Awareness Campaign
E10 - Cal Grant Audits
E11 - Become a successful Director of Financial Aid - Tools for Leadership
EV1 - ECMC Repayment Services and Financial Literacy
EV2 - Responsible Repay, a Nelnet service: Get on the right track to a lower default rate, and help your students avoid default
EV3 - First Marblehead-Private Loans 101