CASFAA Executive Council joins the call to end systemic racism, racial violence against communities of color, and honors the right of free speech and non-violent protest.  In support of CASFAA’s mission, we promote a culture of diversity and inclusion to all our members and the students we serve.  Our membership consists of Financial Aid professionals from diverse backgrounds and experiences, servicing students in urban, rural, traditional and progressive areas.  Our diversity gives us strength as an organization. CASFAA shares a fundamental understanding that there is no room for racism.  We are in discussion about what we must do to effect change within our organization and in society.  We ask and challenge you with the task of working together and collaborating across all races, cultures and ethnicities to effect change. We cannot rely on people of color to bear the burden of change as confronting racial inequalities is a lifelong endeavor that we must all pursue.  We can use our influence to advance equity, inspire healing, create empathy, and understanding to bridge differences and to remove barriers for the health of our society.  CASFAA is proud of the diligent work that we do to serve our members and to ensure the students we serve succeed in their educational endeavors. 

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  updated 8/24/20


Scholarships are now available for WASFAA's Jerry R Sims Management & Leadership Institute! The Application is due by September 20.  Click here for more information on this stellar training event.

Save the Date

for our Virtual Annual Conference Oct. 26 – 30, 2020

**See the Draft Agenda here!**

The 2020 CASFAA Conference Committee is in full swing preparing for the upcoming conference: Connections…Bridging the Gap. At this time we are not certain whether it will be in-person, on-line, rescheduled or a combination of all. But we need your help to develop a program that meets your needs.  As an association whose mission includes a tradition of providing quality training to the membership by the membership, we rely on you to share your expertise, best practices, pains and gains. 

We need your help to develop a program that meets your needs.  As an association whose mission includes a tradition of providing quality training to the membership by the membership, we rely on you to share your expertise, best practices, pains and gains. 

Do you have expertise you can share with your CASFAA colleagues, or know of a colleague who has done a terrific session and is willing to offer it?  Have you recently attended a session that you thought your colleagues could benefit from? Is there a topic that you would really like to see a session on or see repeated from a past conference? Submit these ideas on the following proposal form today! 

CASFAA 2020 Interest Session Proposal Form

  • If you know of a strong speaker with a topic your colleagues could benefit from, see if the would be willing to present. You can also submit their information and topic and we can try to reach out to them.
  • If you have a topic you'd like to see covered, share with us some of the questions you'd like answered as well as anyone you think has the expertise (if anyone), and we'll try to track down an expert.

In order to help your colleagues make decisions about whether to attend, we'd like to have a rough program to offer by early to mid July, so please let us know as soon as you can.  If you have questions or just need to submit ideas and proposals, you can contact either of the program co-chairs.  We would be happy to discuss your session ideas and help you develop them. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

CASFAA Conference Committee


 Your 2020 Executive Council


Anafe Robinson

Director of Financial Aid
L.A. Pierce College
Phone: 818-610-6516
[email protected]

Anafe Robinson


Past President
Barbara Bickett

Sr. Director
- Regulator Affairs
DeVry University
Phone: (951)288-4517
[email protected]


Jesse Marquez  

Associate Director -
Financial Aid
Whittier College
[email protected]

Jesse Marquez, CASFAA President-Elect

Vice President - Federal Issues
Deborah Agee

Executive Director -
Financial Aid & Scholarships
UC Davis
[email protected]


Vice President - State Issues
Bronwyn Garrison

Assistant Director
UC San Diego
Phone: (858) 534-3453
[email protected]


Wendy Wang

Director of Student Financial Aid
Phone: 760-603-4175
[email protected]


Carl Gottbrecht

Stanford University
Phone: (650) 723-3058
[email protected]


Vanessa Gibson

Financial Aid Specialist
Antelope Valley College
Phone: 661-722-6300
[email protected]


Access & Diversity Rep
Colette Amin

Access & Diversity Rep
Colette Amin

Financial Aid Assistant - 
Appeals Coordinator
Los Angeles Trade Technical College
[email protected]

Phone: 213-763-7087
[email protected]

CSU Seg Rep




UC Seg Rep
Nicole LeGrandeur

Associate Director
Financial Aid and Scholarships Office

UC Berkeley
[email protected]


Proprietary Seg Rep



Independent Seg Rep
Veronica Basadre

Associate Director of Compliance
Pepperdine University
Phone: 310-506-6176
[email protected]



Community College Seg Rep
Christina Tangalakis

Associate Dean of Student Financial Services
Glendale Community College
Phone: 818-240-1000
[email protected]


Grad/Prof Member
Jessica Ayres

Director of Financial Aid
Palo Alto University
[email protected]



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Valuable Resources:

Tax Transcript Decoder© - We are pleased to offer the ever popular Tax Transcript Decoder© courtesy of our esteemed colleague and lifetime member of CASFAA, Cheryl Foster-Hunt for you to use.

NASFAA PPY/Early FAFSA ToolKit - This resource helps institutions adjust to PPY/Early FAFSA and offers valuable tools for administrators, high school counselors, and students/families to use.