CASFAA is pleased to promote and share web based training opportunities for financial aid
administrators provided by our industry partners during this month.  Topics range from financial
aid compliance and best practices, to helping students managing debt and repayment, to
professional development and personal improvement.  These training and informational
sessions are available to you free of charge. Register now!

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Tips for dealing with the holiday spending hangover The holiday season is officially over and if you’re still filled with the spirit that accompanies the season of joy, that’s great.   Once you start receiving your credit card statements and realize you may have overspent, that spirit of joy may now be giving way to stress and worry. How much you owe and how you will manage even the minimum payments can be huge stressors. In this session we’ll take a look at some popular repayment methods to help you manage and payoff your debt, help alleviate the added stress you may be experiencing from too much debt, and get your budget back on track ECMC 1/16/18 10:00 AM
Cal Grants: Calculate & Upload Non-SSN GPAs for High School Counselors  The first in a 2-part series, this webinar for high school counselors precedes "GPA Reports, Editing, & Matching".  Review proper GPA calculations; and learn how to submit GPAs both manually and via the batch upload process.  CSAC 1/8/19 3:00 PM
Yes, you are living beyond your means Living beyond your means is pretty easy to do these days, especially since we live in a time when buying on credit—and having a YOLO mentality—has become the norm. But just because it seems normal, doesn’t mean we aren’t doing a real disservice to our current and future well-being. In this webinar, we will examine red flags that you're living a lifestyle you simply can't afford - and how to get you back on track ASAP.  ECMC 1/9/19 10:00 AM
2019 Financial Resolutions - Map Your Success!  One of the most common goal in the beginning of a new year people often discuss dieting. Let’s discuss how to go on a credit diet and lose debt.
What is discussed in this webinar?
• The true cost of credit
• The Fast Track Payoff Plan and how to implement it to pay off debt faster
• How to formulate a budget using the Step Down budgeting process
• How to implement a savings plan 
Mapping Your Future 1/10/19 11:00 AM
Your Students’ Success — It’s In Our DNA The path to a college degree and a bright future isn't easy for many students. Some face obstacles and challenges which prevent them from unlocking their full potential.  Your goal to guide, encourage, and support them on their path to success may benefit from a boost. Attigo®, which means to reach and to achieve in Latin, is a new generation of tools and services that can help improve persistence, turn delinquency into repayment success, and empower your students to make solid financial choices.  We used our decades of experience to build a suite of proven products that are easy to implement and cost-effective. Join this session to learn how Attigo can help drive students to degree completion and lifelong success. GLHEC 1/15/19 9:00 AM
Cal Grants: GPA Reports, Editing, & Matching The 2nd in a 2-part series for HS counselors, this webinar follows "Calculate & Upload Non-SSN GPAs". Recommended for high school counselors who are involved in the matching/editing process.  Learn how to use Non-SSN GPA reports to identify unmatched records; how to link GPAs to their corresponding FAFSA/CADAA; & how to edit incorrect GPAs.  CSAC 1/16/19 3:00 PM
Understanding Your Cohort Default Rate This session is designed for those new to Cohort Default Rate Management. We will provide an overview of how to manage your Cohort Default Rate (CDR) and explore how CDRs can potentially affect your school. Highlights include how CDRs are calculated, challenges, appeals, reports and resources available to make you successful in your default prevention efforts.  FedLoan Servicing (PHEAA) 1/17/19 11:00 AM 
Winning the Race: How to Set and Keep Your Goals Setting goals is a great way to make a positive change in your life. Goals give us a sense of meaning and purpose because usually they are tied to self-improvement such as losing weight, saving money, or running a marathon. However, goal setting is only part of the equation—accomplishing the goal is the other. Busy lives, lack of motivation, and lost interest are some of the top reasons why people don’t stick with their goals. Whether you’ve had success with goal setting or not, this webinar can help you to make a fresh start and figure out ways to finish what you’ve started. We will discuss how to establish meaningful goals, ways to better utilize willpower, and strategies for winning the race.    GLHEC 1/17/19 12:00 PM
CA Dream Act Overview for High Schools & Colleges  This webinar for high schools counselors and college financial aid administrators details the requirements of the CA Dream Application, as well as AB 540 eligibility, Selective Service, and DACA. Section-by-section screen shots of the application are provided to simulate the navigation process. CSAC 1/22/19 3:00 PM
Preparing for financial capabilities month April is National Financial Capabilities Month. Are you ready? It’s not too early to prepare! Join us as we discuss how you can take advantage of an entire month of promoting financial literacy on your campus and with your students. You will hear practical ideas and steps you can take to put an effective campaign together. ECMC 1/23/19 10:00 AM
Establishing Partnerships to Enhance Graduate and Professional Student Financial Literacy What do you do when a student needs help improving their credit score? Or wants help with investing or retirement planning? What about when they need advice about buying their first home? Join us as we listen to Matt Newlin, currently the Director of Rural Initiatives at College Advising Corps, but previously, the Director of Financial Aid at the Brown School of Social Work at Washington University and Jeff Tellin Financial Resources Coordinator at Arizona State University, Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College  in supplementing their financial literacy counseling for this particular population of students, since they know graduate and professional students’ needs stretch beyond the services they offer. That is why developing partnerships with financial experts who can help these students, when the school administrators cannot, is very important.  FedLoan Servicing (PHEAA) 1/24/19 11:00 AM 
Teaching the Teacher: What Students Need to Know about Their Finances Many of your students arrive on campus not knowing how to budget, how credit cards work, or the impact of interest. You want to educate them but where do you begin? Instead of starting from scratch, we will provide you with a financial education tutorial. Presented by accredited financial counselors, this session is designed to teach the teacher so that you can create and tailor your own financial literacy program. We will also share ways to keep students engaged.          GLHEC 1/24/19 12:00 PM
Diversity in the Workplace: Benefits, Challenges, and Solutions Diversity is those human qualities that are different from our own and outside the group to which we belong. It’s important to understand how these dimensions affect performance, motivation, success, and interactions with others. A diverse workplace can bring about challenges as well as tremendous benefits. Join this enlightening session as we address issues and solutions that can make our workplaces even more diverse and dynamic.  GLHEC 1/29/19 12:00 PM
First-generation Students: Opportunities to Encourage Student Success First-generation students often lack some of the fundamental knowledge needed to navigate the college experience. There is no question that a college degree can lead to more employment opportunities and potentially greater financial security. However, many students whose parents did not attend college may be at a disadvantage when it comes to navigating the ins and outs of the college bureaucracy.  Join this session to learn valuable insights to help maximize success for your first-gen students.  GLHEC 1/31/19 12:00 PM
Cal Grant 101 This webinar explains the 3 different Cal Grant Programs, eligibility requirements of each program, and the application process for students.  Also covered is a quick review of how students create their WebGrants for Students portal. Finally, we will share some helpful CSAC resources available to students and schools. CSAC 1/31/19 3:00 PM

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