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Vice President - Federal Issues

Ricardo Buenrostro

Assistant Director of Compliance
UC Davis
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 Committee Purpose & Goals

The purpose of the Federal Issues Committee is to provide information, support, and insight to the CASFAA membership on federal law, regulation and sub-regulatory guidance. Additionally, where appropriate, we seek to provide similar information and insight to the Department of Education and our Congressional delegation regarding the CASFAA membership’s perspectives on federal issues. Our goals are to:

1)     Provide training and professional development opportunities to members, to enhance their service to students.

2)     Be proactive in protecting the interests and rights of California students by fighting for educational access and serving as an authority in the State on student aid issues for policy makers, the media, and other educational partners.

3)     Serve as a catalyst for knowledge sharing and advocacy through networking, conferences, and volunteer opportunities.

Committee Members

Claudia Almanza
[email protected]
Veronica Basadre
Pepperdine University
[email protected]
Andre Daniels
Point Loma Nazarene University
[email protected]
James Griffin
Sierra College
[email protected]
Nicole LaGrandeur
UC Berkeley
[email protected]
Vicki Shipley
[email protected]
George McPhatter
Casa Loma College
[email protected]
Wendy Wang
[email protected] 
Marvin Smith
[email protected]
Christina Tangalakis
Glendale Community College
[email protected]


Recorded Event

Federal Student Aid Legislation: Process, Players, & Priorities

Join the CASFAA Federal Issues Committee to learn more about the federal legislative process. In this session, the presenters will cover the federal legislative process, who the key Congressional players will be, as well as likely near-term legislative priorities.  We look forward to sharing information and insights and to hearing your thoughts and questions.

Wednesday, March 31, 2021 @ 2:00 p.m.

Webinar Summary and Resource document


Resource Links

Department of Education

U.S. Congress


Below are the talking points that CASFAA members took with them to the 2016 NASFAA Leadership Conference and used when speaking with members of the house and senate.

Talking Points

Combine and Align Chart